About Us

What kind of test is this?

We offer two types of qRT-PCR (also known as PCR or qPCR) diagnostic testing solutions:

Samples collected via quick and painless nasal swab, it delivers results within  hours. 

SalivaDirect™ is an RT-PCR process developed at the Yale School of Public Health. It uses a saliva sample, rather than a nasal or throat swab, to detect the presence of the virus.

Is this test accepted for air travel?
As a qRT-PCR test—the most accurate type of test available—our tests meet air travel requirements for almost all locations.

However, we cannot accept insurance payments for travelers or foreign insurance. For travel testing and international visitors, please schedule a travel test, or learn more at renegade.bio.

Important: Be sure to check the website for the state or country of your destination for the latest information about travel requirements. We cannot be responsible for problems caused by not knowing your destination’s travel requirements.

Workplace Testing

How is the sample collected? Does it hurt?
The test requires a quick and easy nasal swab.

If you prefer a no-contact test using the Saliva Direct™ testing method, you can request one at the testing location. The turnaround time for Saliva Direct tests is 24 hours.


Tests & Vaccines

Can I get tested without an appointment?
East Bay
Our North Oakland walk-through and drive-through testing location requires an appointment. You must make an appointment prior to arrival.

Parking in the neighborhood or at the site is not allowed.